Read These Now or IOWA Will Destroy You

Corn Caucuses Constipate the Country. (NY) liars (WP) liars (LA)

A tiny rant about the importance of such a small segment of this country. I am sick of phrases like, "WE IOWANS take this very seriously. WE IOWANS are good people," ad vomitorium... I know plenty a good person who finds it necessary to sculpt and create art but not out of butter. HIGH ART always makes me a subservient follower in a proper medium. I think the actual esteem boosting phrase is "WE IOWANS think we are better than everyone else and our votes are more important than yours." Speaking as a North Carolinian, I don't give a rat's ass how one state in this fair country is so bloody important. Iowa has 2.9 million people out of almost 300 million in the U.S. To place such emphasis on one state is not only ludicrous it is downright belittling to the rest of the country. Iowa only matters because IOWA has made it so and the rest of us got on our knees and whined "O' historically they always pick the right candidate." Let me vomit my Vicodin cough syrup and I would hate to do that. So, as the teevee and every mealy-mouthed commentator starts regurgitating the numbers of the almighty IOWA caucuses, think to yourself-- is this predominately white-bred state of the union really as important as the various parties and MSM proclaim or is just another damn marketing maneuver to make us pitiful lackeys in an antiquated system?

If you are in Iowa, follow Huckabee's advice.

I could entertain you with other links, but Huckabee makes me want to masturbate into a creationist quilt. Tsk Tsk... Let the Caucus Games begin!

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