Read These Now or Huckabee Will Destroy You!

One word. Huckabee. Iowa's new cash crop is INSANITY. (WP) (NY)

Ultra-white Iowa likes a strapping black man instead of a white woman. Throw in an Asian midget and it sounds like perfect porn. (WP) (NY)

Poor Willard is bitter after wasting SO much money in Iowa. The Salt Lake Tribune comes to his rescue by writing a bitchy article about the "born again" and "anti-mormon." ( Salt Lake)

Paultards rejoice! Ron Paul won the MySpace Primary. We all know MySpace is more important than Crazy Iowa. (Adweek)

Another goddamn study that gay men behave like women. (365 Gay

Musharraf denies security agencies involved in Bhutto assassination. (Guardian)

Winter vomiting virus is the worst in five years. (Guardian)

Woo hoo! Sex with robots by 2050. (KUTV)

M-Law's Wacky Warning Labels. (M-LAW)

Brain-boosting drugs. (Glasgow)

Netflix will stream movies direct to TV via a LG set-top box. (Yahoo)

Yet Another Torchwood trailer

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