Please Don't Help the Childrens

The State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) fails again.

Democrats made impassioned pleas for the bill as a way to alleviate hardship caused by the nation’s economic difficulties. But they did not convert the Republicans. On Oct. 18, when the House sustained the president’s veto of a similar bill, 44 Republicans voted for it. By contrast, on Wednesday, 42 Republicans voted with 218 Democrats to override the veto.

Some Republicans said the nation’s economic problems strengthened their case against the bill to expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, commonly known as S-chip.

“We will come back to this floor in the next week or two with a $150 billion economic stimulus package to get us out of a recession,” said Representative Phil Gingrey, Republican of Georgia. “We need the money for that. We don’t want to be squandering money to provide health insurance for those who can afford to do it for themselves.”
Take that! Tax cuts for corporations to "stimulate the economy" are far more important than providing an even measly bit of health care.

Someone poor me a drink!

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