John Aravosis takes the Right (wing) side on tax rebates

Personally, I think this "Economic Stimulus" plan is much sound and fury signifying very little but to add to an already ridiculous budget debt. But hey, an extra $600 is an extra $600. Bush has spent years emptying the treasury anyway, so at least a large majority of the nation will get some money, rather than two or three corporations being funneled billions for The Iraq Occupation and Cash Bonanza.

But for the life of me, I'm just not really able to understand John Aravosis' take on it at AmericaBlog:

That's because far too often the Democrats don't give a damn about anybody who isn't a minority or starving to death (both valid causes to be sure, but are they the ONLY causes out there?). If you're in the middle, you're on your own.

And don't think this is only about a stupid $300. It's about health care. It's about education. It's about every single issue you care about. The powers that be simply aren't in this to help people in the middle. The Republicans want to help the big pharmaceuticals and the big business hospitals, while the Democrats want to help uninsured poor people and kids. And while all of that's nice, what are the rest of us supposed to do when our premiums hit $2000 a month and, God forbid, something catastrophic hits us?

The Republicans ONLY want to help the rich, and the Democrats ONLY want to help the poor. Screw everybody else. I am so sick of these people.
Aravosis' voice on the Internet is much louder than mine likely will every be, which is why I find his post so puzzling. And while right-wing blogs will link to his post and use it to bolster any talking points they have, his readers aren't really into his pleas to help those making "$75,001" either, it seems.

As one commenter pointed out: "Lines have to be drawn somewhere."

Having lived in New York, I understand that $75,000 a year or $150,000 doesn't go all that far. But, I thought that's why Queens and the Bronx existed. If you're a couple struggling to get by on $150,001, I'm not really sure how much $600 would help anyway.

Mainly, with so much else of importance to blog about, that Aravosis attacked this issue with such verve is quite strange, to say the least.


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