Hide The Nukes!

Hillary got teary. Yes, she did. The Ice Queen almost broke down and now her campaign is over. She is a WOMAN, you know, and women are weak, overly emotional, uterine-lining-shedding creatures that can never, repeat, never be allowed in such a prominent role leading our country as all that emotion and weakness will destroy the country. That seems to be the underlying sentiments in the press and on the teevee. She showed actual "human emotion"—excuse me—"womanly emotion," and she must call it quits.

This footage of Hillary getting almost, but not quite teary, is all over the teevee with the usual pundits questioning her motivations, machinations, and masculinity. The WOMAN almost cried so it becomes a developing story on CNN and every other news outlet. Watch her almost cry and see her as the WOMAN she is.


h/t to feministing for the video.

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