But the Attacks on Hillary Weren't Motivated by Sexism

So as you may know, Tom Pat Oliphant is a political cartoonist. He's also a good friend of Don Imus; I only note that because I really shouldn't be surprised that Oliphant produced this:

So where does one even begin?

I do appreciate that Oliphant doesn't even make the subtext subtext. Hillary is a woman. She cries. Therefore she's unqualified to handle all the tough, evil men who are lined up to attack her. Well, actually it's a bunch of evil men saying stereotypical things about relationships, plus Pervez Musharraf. Last time I checked, Musharraf was at least technically one of our allies, but you know, you've got to draw some other swarthy guy now that Saddam Hussein is dead.

Oh, yeah, that reminds me of the other thing I like. You may note that no Caucasians appear in this cartoon, other than Hillary an the drunk, wisecracking Bill in the corner. What, you couldn't work Putin in? Evidently not, because white guys aren't scary; at least not as scary as Arabs and North Koreans.

Yes, it's a cavalcade of misogyny and racism. Pure, naked hatred in cartoon form. Truly, truly lovely. I'm sure it was only motivated by a hatred of Bill and Hill.

(Via Amanda)

(Yes, I initially screwed up which Oliphant it was. Sorry.)

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