Read These Now or Soylent Green Will Destroy You!

3,900! (AP) Exit strategy anyone?

Bush childhood home target of arson. (Yahoo)

Willard says a president needs judgment not experience. Well, he should know. His judgment sways like pampas grass in a hurricane. (Caucus)

A simple (unedited) tale of manning the phones for John Edwards in New Hampshire. (Scrutiny Hooligans)

NC Senate Candidate Jim Neal on Bhutto's assassination. (Jim Neal)

Madonna directed a movie called Filth and Wisdom. Sounds appropriate. Richard E. Grant stars. Really? (Hollywood Reporter)

CUBA has a lesbian wedding! (IPS)

The Top 13 Reasons To Miss The Office (or Why The Writer’s Strike is Killing Us) (Best Week Ever)

Leave it to the Germans for an innovative way to avoid smoking bans. (Ananova)

Toru & Kojima - Smiley / Pot Sounds (WFMU) Give it a listen. I am jamming to "I wanna pick you up." "Little Saint Nick" is delightful too.

WOW! Boredom is a SCIENCE! (SCIAM)
Most people blame boredom on the circumstances, but psychologists say this emotion is highly subjective and rooted in aspects of consciousness—and that levels of boredom vary among people. Some individuals are less—and others considerably more—likely to be bored than others.

Boredom is not a unified concept but may comprise several varieties, including the transient type that occurs while waiting in line and so-called existential boredom that accompanies a profound dissatisfaction with life

Hidden deep in Norway's frozen Svalbard archipelago is a "Doomsday Vault" that will ensure that when whatever imbecile we elect turns the world into a wasteland or an asteroid turns IOWA into a giant pothole, there will still be seeds to grow in the poisoned earth. (NG) There better be plenty of Cherokee purple seeds or I will be one angry MUTANT! Who are they kidding? Soylent Green all the way! You can even take a photographic tour of the VAULT! Which sucks btw. Stick with Soylent Green!

ANOTHER OMG MOMENT! There is a glut of 4-door pickups! (Popular Mechanics)

Aging British Rockers stealing American dollars. (Guardian)

There is also a new Torchwood trailer. My loins are aflame!

Ok kids! The New Year is upon us and I am fleeing for a few days to celebrate with friends in the mountains of Virginia. Shameless plug- if you need a nice little getaway and some lively hosts on 280 acres, try a visit to Ward Manor in historic Grayson County. Because I am special, I get the Master-Plunder Room. Ha! I will return in time for the Iowa Cesspool Caucus as I am sure there will be inane commentary on the teevee and lots of Huckabee prayin'. I have to record the crazy! Have a Happy New Year!

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