Read These Now or PENIS ENVY Will Destroy You

*Two school teachers have been sentenced to death in China for forcing more than 20 young girls - including some of their own pupils - into prostitution. (BBC)

*The Central Intelligence Agency has agreed to make documents related to the destruction of interrogation videotapes available to the House Intelligence Committee and to allow the agency’s top lawyer, John A. Rizzo, to testify about the matter, Congressional and intelligence officials said Wednesday (NY)

*Bush signed an energy bill yesterday. Yes, he did! "In order to get the bill through, Democrats had to drop from it a $21bn (£10.5bn) tax package that would have reduced breaks for the biggest oil and gas companies and extended breaks for wind and solar projects. Bush threatened to veto any bill containing these measures." That sounds helpful. (Guardian)

*Because of Bush's energy bill, "The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday denied California and 16 other states the right to set their own standards for carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles." (NY)

*Anyone who writes, "Huckabee reminds me of an old, smooth country preacher. He always says the right thing. (My emphasis) He seems perfect and almost too good to be true, " annoys me. Those sentences make me want to shove a fork in my thigh. (The Hill)

*The money statement from Elizabeth Edwards on Huckabee, “He seems like a nice charming guy… doesn’t believe in evolution and has some nutty views about what it is we should do about ending violence in our inner city — we should make sure all of our young people are armed. Republicans scare me.” (ABC News via Scrutiny Hooligans)

*Konagod has PENIS ENVY.

*Giuliani plummets in latest NBC/WSJ poll. (MSNBC)

*Really? Did I read this correctly? "Legislation was introduced in the Senate Wednesday that would provide domestic partner benefits to federal employees. The bill filed by Sens. Gordon Smith (R-Ore.) and Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.) has 19 co-sponsors." It will probably fail like the last attempt. (365Gay)

*The War on Christmas continues! Danish accused of Christmas Tree price fixing. Those Damn Danish! Mmmmm... Danish, gooey Danish.

*The National Endowment for the Arts issued a report, "To Read or Not to Read" last month about the decline of reading. "More alarming are indications that Americans are losing not just the will to read but even the ability." (New Yorker)

*Revolutionary Real Estate- Statesmen, soldiers and spies who made America and the way they lived. (Smithsonian)

*And because I love John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness and fondle his action figure every opportunity I get, here is the trailer for Torchwood series two that will start in the USA on Jan 26 on BBC America. No waiting a bloody year like for series one.

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