Hey, did you hear the latest rumor?

Not long ago, a report came out about rumors. It seems, once a rumor is created, it sticks. In fact, even outright denials of the rumors, with evidence, only cause the rumor to gather more strength.

Take the "Barack Obama is a Muslim" rumor. Now, just because this rumor was completely debunked months and months ago hasn't slowed it down one bit. In fact, it's gained strength. Recently the Washington Post jumped on that lie, giving it more power than ever.

Of course, just because something is a rumor doesn't mean it's a lie. Sure, the Obama Internet rumors are outright lies, but there are other rumors that may or may not be lies that deserve just as much attention. And being that the Internet is powered by rumors, we figured we'd through a few out there. Feel free to bulk e-mail these rumors to everyone you know. Maybe they're true. Maybe not. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't be repeated endlessly.

From the Rumor Mill

1. George W. Bush was a coke-snorting, drunken draft dodger who pardoned his coke dealers, among other criminals.

2. George W. Bush is a pedophile.

3. George W. Bush comes from a family of fascists that want to overthrow the U.S. government.

4. The Bush family has built a massive compound in Paraguay, where they intend to hide from the endless array of criminal charges that will be brought against them.

5. Mike Huckabee taught his son how to brutally murder dogs, ala Michael Vick.

6. Mike Huckabee fought to release a rapist from prison. The rapist then went and committed acts of rape and murder.

7. Mike Huckabee had bariatric surgery. And lied about it.

8. Mitt Romney belongs to a religion that believes Jesus and Satan are brothers, that allows polygamy and is racist to its very core.

9. Mitt Romney honestly believes the hysterically stupid story of John Smith.

10. Mitt Romney has an illegitimate, gay, albino son

11. Rudy Giuliani used tax dollars to have an adulterous affair.

12. Rudy Giuliani used tax dollars to have a love nest put in the World Trade Center. He called this love nest the "Emergency Response Center."

13. Rudy Giuliani does business with Hugo Chavez and terrorists.

14. Rudy Giuliani made millions helping to illegally spy on American citizens.

15. Rudy Giuliani and criminal Bernard Kerik were lovers.

16. Fred Thompson has had more sexual partners than Wilt Chamberlain and brags about his "trophy wife."

17. Ron Paul is a white supremacist.

18. John McCain begged John Kerry to be his running mate in 2004.

19. John McCain committed treason and fathered a child with a black prostitute.

20. The U.S. and its proxy Israel will attack Iran before the 2008 Presidential elections, regardless what any intelligence says.

Remember folks, these are just rumors at this point. Of course, any denials of these rumors will just make them stronger. Plus, there's a large voting block in the U.S. that will believe any political e-mail forwarded to them, regardless whether it's true or false. Because it's not like we invented these rumors. They were already out there, waiting for the mainstream media to pounce.

So start sending those e-mails. Because maybe they're true, maybe their false. Who knows? All that matters is that once they get on the Internet, mainstream news organizations like the Washington Post and Fox News will start repeating them. So have fun!


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