Rape, Live on the Teevee!

Some days, I just want to board the rocket for Mars:
The Big Brother Africa house played host to a castmate-on-castmate rape, and they're airing it on TV. This is, to say the least, a controversy. It starts with the fact that the assailant, a 24-year-old married Tanzanian film student named Richard Bezuidenhout, did not use his penis but his finger to penetrate his housemate, a 29-year-old Nigerian medical assistant named Ofunneka Molokwu, an offense that, as in most countries, is considered rape in South Africa, where the Big Brother Africa house is located, because South Africa has a much-publicized "rape culture", which is one reason some are advocating the airing of this special moment, and also presumably the reason Bezuidenhout defended his actions to his housemates by saying, "Well, this is Africa." Another charming Bezuidenhout moment: he apparently retreated and was filmed drunkenly sniffing his fingers.

Lovely. Of course, it wouldn't be an incidence of rape if there wasn't slut shaming involved:
Executives at the station airing the episode maintain the incident was not rape because Ofunneka wasn't unconscious, while viewers apparently claimed she was; she's filmed hurling, etc.

See, even though she was drunk to the point of vomiting and at best semi-conscious, it wasn't rape because...well, her eyes might have opened briefly, and did she blink twice for no? Well then!

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