Lusty Linda Follow-Up: "We are renaming her to Rhonda Rape Victim"

Over at Feministing, Jessica also posted about Lusty Linda, and commenter Pinkpicnic suggested that readers contact one of the websites at which the item is sold. A bunch of Feministers did exactly that—and the responses they got are absolutely nutty:

"Who are you to demand anything from anyone? You are taking something entirely to literally. Women scream OH OH OH during sex all the time. Get a life, and relax a little. We are in know way condoning rape, and in no way does product encourage it. You are an idiot if you think otherwise."

"Im glad we lost you as a customer. Your sound like a psycho, and we prefer not to psychos."

"We are renaming her to Rhonda Rape Victim."

"We are glad your family and you will be lost as customers forever. We will be renaming the product to Rape Victim Rita to celebrate women in bad moods and those men who just want some sex."

"Hey, if a man wants it, chicks should give it, if not, he has the right under Muslim law to take the woman as his own. Alla Akbar!"

"If you agree I will send them to you, as well as a Lusty Linda Pen Holder and an inflatable doll. Perhaps a non-anatomically correct blow up doll will make you laugh, and bring a small smile to you. One breath, two breaths, and at last, you will have Tyrone in front of you. The smell of cheap Asian made vinyl will enthrall you, your heart will race, and finally then, and only then will you have the courage to insert a pen in your anus, much like Linda. You will scream OUCH! And GET OUT !"

In response to a question about whether they were a real company with: "No, we are only an entitiy [sic] that makes items to promote rape."


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