Don't Forget Your Daily Vote!

The 2007 Weblog Awards

We're getting our asses kicked, Shakers! Surely we can do better!

While you're there, don't forget our contributor Jon Swift is up for Funniest Blog.

And if I can make a couple of other recommendations...don't let Lindsay Beyerstein (aka Majikthise) lose Best Individual Blogger to Glenn "InstaPundit" Reynolds! And Pam could use some love, too, as could PZ here, BitchPhD here, The Carpetbagger Report or Feministe here, Driftglass here, and Shakesville institution Konagod here.

Also, Shaker Kathleen's blog, Diary of a Heretic, was nominated for Best Literature Blog, and she notes via email that she's "up against big names with editorial staffs and even marketing departments as well as huge fan clubs," so help a girl out!

If I missed any other Shakers, let me know in comments.

UPDATE: I forgot a biggie—don't let Crooks and Liars lose to Hot Air in the Best Video Blog category!

Also: Arkades mentions in comments that, even though Echidne is currently leading here, "a Shaker bump could help make sure she stays in the lead!" Of course, she's in a brutal category, given that our good friends The Newshoggers are in that category, along with the brilliant Obsidian Wings and Slacktivist, too. Oy!

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