Breaking News: Fox Viewers are Stoopid

Transcript: From time to time around here, we like to read from the stacks of emails we get on a daily basis, and those we have selected for tonight all pertain, as so many of them do, to what we say and how we say it, beginning with this one, following our live interview here last week with President Clinton: Carolyn from Pennsylvania writes: "Where does Brian Williams get off addressing Bill Clinton as 'Mr. President'? No FORMER president should ever be addressed this way! Our president is George W. Bush and I wish you all would respect this fact, even though you make it quite obvious how much you hate it! I'll go back to the real news at Fox, thank you!" Carolyn, I hope we caught you in time; we got a lot of letters like this from different viewers saying all the same thing, and they were all sadly mistaken. The title 'Mr. President' is for life. And it's the only way, polite way, to address the president, current or former.

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