Another Dem Debate

by Petulant

There was yet ANOTHER debate [transcript here] to entertain the dwindling masses who actually care about who will be president in 2008. CNN hosted one of their ultra-special extravaganza with host Wolf Blitzer. Throw in some female hotties like Campbell Scott and Suzanne Malveaux and the debate is sure to draw plenty of onlookers. Toss in John Roberts for the aging homosexuals and voilĂ —a political spectacle for all to enjoy!!! I must say, the first 15 minutes were enjoyable. Wolf Blitzer announced the candidates and they marched upon the stage with all the conviction of reality stars looking for a new bachelor or a 100 grand prize after eating a bowl full of leeches. Then Hillary and Obama bared their teeth!

Here is the lovely exchange between Hills and Bams that started the political floor show.

Of course, these are not in chronological order. Wev.

Suzanne Malveaux took a question from the audience. I suspect these questions were pre-screened. There wasn't just some random person in the audience who was wondering about the Supreme Court. OMG!!! What is happening to politics? HA! Nice eye-wear lady wants to know what sort of Supreme Court nominees the candidates would inflict upon America. Malveaux, acting like a true journalist, threw in abortion at the last minute as that is all the Supreme Court ever deals with and the only important case in American history. Just because that Roe v Wade thing was decided 30+ years ago doesn't mean that it still isn't an issue. Gosh darnnit! Those Supreme Court decisions aren't the law of the land unless they are deciding a president. Wolf wants a yes or no vote from the candidates. He's simple that way. Don't trouble him with too much information or he might get confused.

Campbell Scott asked Hillary, the star of this spectacle, about exploiting her gender and the boy's club. Hillary feels "comfortable in the kitchen," but points out the diversity on the stage running for the presidency—a Latino,a multi-ethnic African American, and a woman. In case you didn’t know, HILLARY IS A WOMAN!

I have to give her this. Politics is a Boys' Club! Progressives, liberals, Democrats, Republicans or ASSHOLES whatever anyone wants to define themselves, politics has always been a male sport. Too treat women who are successful in this sport as an anomaly, which technically they are, but then ask them to continually define how different they are when they are the sole female on a stage full of men is downright belittling. When I look at that stage, I see a boys' club!

Perhaps Campbell Scott should have asked Hillary, "How does being a woman make you better than the boys?" Scott's question is excluding and separating Hillary by gender instead of substance. No one asked Obama, "You are a multi-ethnic African-American, do you feel isolated?" Let alone, asking Bill Richardson about being Latino. Though, he does a good job of throwing his ethnicity out on every occasion.

A Vagina threatens the Boys' Club! Campbell Scott adds fuel.

A mother and her son, who served three tours of duty in Iraq, ask about his likelihood of his being called again to deal with Iran.

Joe Biden is a force sometimes when he isn't stumbling words. Hillary and John Edwards are more expressive with their hands. Dear me! At times, I thought I was watching conductors the way their hands were moving in time with Neo-Con, Revolutionary Guard, no war and diplomacy. Confuse me with your arms and hands so I have no clue what you are saying. Save me from the BLITZER!

John Roberts asked Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich, and Obama about General Petraeus' troop increase in Iraq and "its success." WOW!! That sounds like a loaded question. This is a political debate! There are no loaded questions or people planted in the audience to ask a question. This is an open forum for all Americans to judge those WORTHY of being president! This is LIVE television and nothing is STAGED!

Chris Dodd, at one point, was asked about his previous comments about John Edwards increasing anger toward Hillary. Of course they're angry! She's kicking their asses! Dodd rises beyond the question to tell us what is needed in politics—less shrill, whatever will I do, outbursts, more understanding of what Americans need and a coming together regardless of party.

Translation: We are all going to hell.

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