And All This Time, I Thought 'Box' Was Slang for Part of Female Anatomy, Not the Whole Female...

You may ask yourself: how do anti-choicers view women? And I can answer: like empty vessels, bereft of any semblance of importance, except for the fact that they might, just might, contain a fetus:

SCENE: a box factory

NARRATOR: If you thought there was a small chance that a baby was hidden in a box, wouldn't you treat the box as if it held a baby, just in case?

SCENE: an ultrasound image

NARRATOR: So even if you think there's just a small chance that an unborn child is a baby, shouldn't you treat it as if it were, just in case? Something to think about.

Yes indeedy, ladies, you may have thought yourself to be a fully autonomous human being with desires and emotions and goals and needs, but really, you're just an empty box. But good news -- you just might contain a baby inside you! So, like, in that case, we'll take care of you! Until the baby's removed, at which point you can be discarded or recycled or stored in a basement until later.

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