Women are not prey. Oh, and by the way, they're not toilets, either.

The whole "man as hunter, woman as prey" narrative is problematic for a lot of reasons, not least of which because it flows so smoothly into "uncovered meat" victim-blaming. It also creates the framework in which products like the Jingle Jugs exist:

Brave Sir Robin dropped a link to this "hilarious" novelty item in comments after hearing an advert for it on the radio. It's not a parody, but a real product, available for purchase by (or for) men who get a real chuckle out of disembodied parts of a woman being mounted as though they were a trophy after a hunt in which the imaginary woman to whom these breasts belonged was stalked, killed, and dismembered. Ha ha ha!

Of course, you're not supposed to think about that.

And you're definitely not supposed to think about the fact that there is a real-life precedent for retaining body parts and/or personal items (trophies) of preyed-upon women—a common habit of psychosexual serial killers and serial rapists. Because, ya know, that kinda takes the shine off a pair of fake breasts mounted like a trophy "singing" tunes while mechanically jiggling.

The gamut of disembodied female parts products available for consumption is alarming, and I wish I could say that the creepy undertones of the Jingle Jugs make it the worst product available, but that dubious honor would have to go to the seemingly neverending series of (partial) woman-shaped bathroom fixtures, like:

The Mouth Urinal

The Vagina Urinal

The Headless Toilet

and The "Fuck Me" Sinks

Ahh, variety:

Charming, no?

If you ever come across someone who questions why there's (still) a need for feminism, someone who suggests that sexism no longer exists or someone who asserts that it's time for a humanist movement to eclipse the feminist movement, just point them to this post. We've got women's disembodied parts being used as toilets in restaurants, on airplanes, in public fucking spaces, as if there's nothing wrong with it, and mounted disembodied breasts being sold as a gag gift as if there's nothing wrong with it. (It's a gag all right. I'm gagging right now.)

As I've said before: Telling a girl since birth that she is equal matters little if she travels within a culture that consistently sends signals to the contrary.

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