Oh, It's Already Been Broughten

Ezra Klein is angry. You see, Michelle Malkin (no links to stalkers, sorry) claimed that liberals attacking her and the right for staking out the Frost family "wouldn’t know a good-faith argument if it bit them in the lip." Ezra reacted to this provocation as only Ezra can -- with a strong understanding of health care policy:
Let's have a good faith argument. I will debate Michelle Malkin anytime, anywhere, in any forum (save HotAir TV, which she controls), on the particulars of S-CHIP. We can set the debate at a think tank, on BloggingHeads, over IM. Hell, we can set up the podiums in the shrubbery outside my house, since that seems to be the sort of venue she naturally seeks out. And then if Malkin wants an argument, she can have one. We'll talk S-CHIP and nothing but -- nothing of the Frosts, or Congress, or her blog.

My sense has been that Malkin doesn't want an argument. Rather, she wants to feed her readers the steady stream of outrage that keeps her traffic numbers up. But I realized tonight that I could be wrong, and I shouldn't assume Malkin doesn't want a real argument unless I actually ask her.

I'm sure Malkin will jump at the opportunity to discus an actual rationale for opposing SCHIP. I mean, surely her opposition to SCHIP is not based solely on the fact that liberals support it. I'm sure Malkin will engage with Ezra. I mean, if she doesn't, it would prove that she has no personal knowledge of policy whatsoever, and is only a conservative because it gives her an outlet for her bottomless well of hatred. But I'm sure that can't be true, right?

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