Obama, Clinton Support Filibuster of Telcom Immunity

Well, it took 'em long enough, but apparently, Hillary and Barack saw the handwriting on the wall. Obama:
Senator Obama has serious concerns about many provisions in this bill, especially the provision on giving retroactive immunity to the telephone companies. He is hopeful that this bill can be improved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. But if the bill comes to the Senate floor in its current form, he would support a filibuster of it.

I am troubled by the concerns that have been raised by the recent legislation reported out of the Intelligence Committee. I haven't seen it so I can't express an opinion about it. But I don't trust the Bush Administration with our civil rights and liberties. So I'm going to study it very hard. As matters stand now, I could not support it and I would support a filibuster absent additional information coming forward that would convince me differently.

Of course, it's not quite what MoveOn and the A-listers were pushing for, but it's a start. Still, Hillary and Barack are following, not leading. Our hero in this remains Chris Dodd, who will continue to have my vote until Hillary, John, and/or Barack start acting like they want it. (Here's an idea for a start, Barack: stop touring with ex-gay fundies.)

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