Memo to Womanizers: Evolve and Live Longer reports that shorter life spans in male mammals may be tied to competition for sex.

As we all know by now, Jeff Fecke is the sexiest thing on two legs with a dongle in-between, but did you know that he's also likely to live longer (while he's getting all that hot steamy sex from Teh Fem'nists)?

If you were (or still are) monitoring the Thread-That-Would-Not-Die in response to Jeff's MRA Explainer, you might have noticed a certain amount of chest-thumping and "male display" going on there (Comments: Now six days and counting -- but hey, it's zombie season, neh?).

Turns out, however, that all that energy expenditure on the part of males to secure their right to "mating privileges" may actually be killing them off early:

"The researchers explained that as competition among males for sex grows more intense, each male on average has less time to breed. As such, there is no strong incentive to evolve longevity among males in such species.

Since men age faster and die earlier than women, these findings suggest that "at the time when current human physiology evolved, perhaps around the late Stone Age, polygynous breeding was the norm," Clutton-Brock told LiveScience. "Of course, this doesn't provide any justification for polygyny or promiscuity now for males."

So, to any males seeking sexual "conquest" -- relax -- stop "conquesting" already -- become a Feminist ---- the nookie will come to you!

What -- You want you should drop dead from a heart attack?

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