Equality for Me, Not for Thee

Dear John Aravosis:

I must say that I wholeheartedly disagree with your recent temper tantrum which could have resulted in a post like this:
Shorter John Aravosis:

Mine! Mine! MINE!!!!
However, if I had chosen to take the "shorter" route, I would have lost the opportunity to say this:

As a gay man, actually, as a white gay man, I would never think of throwing my Trans allies under the bus simply so I could further my own already privileged existence.

Frankly, I'm amazed that you are considered by many to be the biggest name in the "gay blogosphere." Apparently, hits speak louder than words, and your words turn my stomach. Our allies are our allies, and you don't get to pick and choose who gets civil rights on the basis of whether they happen to fall into the category of someone you'd like to fuck. As Sarah in Chicago pointed out in comments, if a drag queen (And who knows? Perhaps trans person) hadn't fought back against the police several decades ago, you'd probably still be in the goddamned closet. Oh, and try not to think about the fact that most of us also place a "Q" at the end of "LGBT." It might make your head explode.

Apparently, you feel that the gay flag should consist of one stripe. I am thankful that every queer person I know doesn't conform to your narrow way of thinking. Oh, and one more thing:
People are simply afraid to ask any questions about this issue, and those unresolved conflicts are coming home to roost. I know I was afraid to write about this issue, and still am. I thought long and hard about even weighing in on this issue last week. Did I really want to have to deal with people screaming and calling me a bigot? And I've got gay journalist friends and gay political friends who have sent me private "atta boy"s supporting my public essays, while refusing to go public themselves.
This doesn't make you brave.

Can't Believe You Actually Typed "I've got gay friends,"

Paul the Spud

(Tip 'o the Energy Dome to the very fierce Shakes.)

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