The SPP: Now Coming to a Classroom Near You

From Alison, of course:
Arizona State University is your one-stop go-to place to find everything you need to - what was that happy phrase the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America used again? oh yeah : "to launch an educational project to teach the idea of a shared NA identity in schools".

Just look at these handy course materials :

Teaching Modules: Backgrounders and Cases
Building North America Into Your Course
North American Economic Integration: General Overview
Analyzing North American Integration
Managing North America
North American Structures and ¨Sites¨of Integration
Continental Strategies of Selected North American Companies

Now I know what you're thinking. That it will all be written from a US point-of-view. Not so at all. They've got lots of Canadians on their link roster : Fraser Institute, C.D.Howe Institute, I Asper School of Management. Plus there's papers on many now familiar integration projects : Atlantica, the Pacific North West Economic Region, North America's Super Corridor Coalition (NASCO).
Yes, yes, that last one is indeed real. Can we focus here for a moment? The crucial thing to realize here is that this conception of "North America" as a political and economic entity is also real, and it's not benevolent.

Americans of a progressive mind often have a hard time seeing this sort of thing, because they tend to think of integration as good: different kinds of people joining together. Well, on the societal level it is a good thing, but on the multinational, governmental, and regulatory levels it isn't always. In this case, it represents a degradation of democracy, driven entirely by corporate interests. It has little support among the peoples of Canada or Mexico (apart from the business elites that stand to profit from it), largely because they regard it as an attack upon their sovereignty, and an attempt at Americanizing their societies -- a prospect that neither of them considers desirable.

The reason that Americans ought to be concerned by this process is slightly different: it's not that the United States will ever be dominated by the other, smaller countries in North America. It's that the SPP is an especially dangerous example of the privatization of government that neoconservatism has been demanding and putting into place for a quarter of a century: the sort of thing Naomi Klein outlines in The Shock Doctrine. It's especially dangerous because, being multinational and happening as it is below the radar, it will be extremely difficult to undo once it's done.

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