Piss Off, Inhofe: The Sequel

It is with great glee that I wake up this morning to find that the Senate's most miserable pissant-dumbfuck-crankydick-pieceofshit, James Inhofe, decided to go toe-to-toe with Barbara Boxer at another global warming hearing. After all, it worked out so well for him the first time around. His current objection was to having Senator Barbara Mikulski testify:
“Senator, I’m not going to agree to that,” [Boxer] says. “I’m the chairman of this committee and I’ve spoken to you about this. You knew this was coming. I asked Sen. Mikulski to join us. If that’s not enough, I went back to the parliamentarian. There is absolutely no rule that forbids this.” [...]

Inhofe and Boxer bicker back and forth before Boxer says, “This is an outrage. It’s an absolute — this is my friend…”

“It’s an outrage to invite her,” interrupts Inhofe.

“If I might complete this,” Boxer shot back, “it is an outrage to object to a sincere colleague who wants to work with us on a bipartisan basis on an issue that’s so dear to our heart. And I am offended. It doesn’t diminish my wanting to work with you in the future, but I mean, Sen. Inhofe was going to go to the floor and object to committees meeting today if this happened,” [Boxer] says.
Man, there's just something about global warming that immediately crawls up Inhofe's ass and transforms him from a mild-mannered asshat to a full blown fucking putz.

Sorry, James, but there will be no waaaaaaaaahmbulance picking you up today. Your miserable shit self will have to sit and take the now infamous Boxer Smackdown every time you open your piehole. And you'll like it. Asshole.

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