Petraeus Doesn't Know If Iraq War Makes America Safer

You have got to be kidding me: "During the Q&A round at the armed services committee, Senator John Warner, the Virginia Republican who used to chair the committee and who has called for beginning a disengagement in Iraq, took a few sharp (albeit respectful) jabs at Petraeus, noting that one intelligence report after another has said that political reconciliation in Iraq could be a bridge too far. He then asked Petraeus a pointed question: 'Do you feel that [Iraq war] is making America safer?' Petraeus paused before responding. He then said: 'I believe this is indeed the best course of action to achieve our objectives in Iraq.' That was, of course, a non-answer. And Warner wasn't going to let the general dodge the bullet. He repeated the question: 'Does the [Iraq war] make America safer?' Petraeus replied, 'I don't know, actually. I have not sat down and sorted in my own mind.' "

He doesn't know?! Well, what the fuck is he—illiterate? Can he not read the National Intelligence Estimate, in which 16 US intelligence agencies concluded that the Iraq War is making us less safe because it is creating more terrorists, or British reports revealing the same?


The thing is, I'm not even sure Warner should have asked the question, but if Petraeus thought it was an unfair question, he should have said that, not "I don't know," which, naturally, is bullshit. He does know, and he knows the answer is that the war is not making America safer, but like a good little political hack, he'd rather appear to be as daft as a doorknob than be honest about the war's abject failure.

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