John McCain has Seen the Light

As you know, I'm a hardcore fundamentalist Muslim. Indeed, I've always been a Muslim. Oh, you may point to the many times I've mentioned that I'm a Unitarian as evidence that I'm not a Muslim; also, you may note that I haven't studied Islam, can't read Arabic, and indeed am generally opposed in prinicple to everything I know about fundamentalist Islam. Well, that may be, but if John McCain can retroactively change his religion for pure pandering reasons, why can't I?
Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who has long identified himself as an Episcopalian, said this weekend that he is a Baptist and has been for years.

Campaigning in this conservative, predominantly Baptist state, McCain called himself a Baptist when speaking to reporters Sunday and noted that he and his family have been members of the North Phoenix Baptist Church in his home state of Arizona for more than 15 years.

"It's well known because I'm an active member of the church," the Arizona senator said.

While McCain has long talked about his family's and his own attendance at the Arizona church, he appears to have consistently referred to himself as Episcopalian in media reports.

In a June interview with McClatchy Newspapers, the senator said his wife and two of their children have been baptized in the Arizona Baptist church, but he had not. "I didn't find it necessary to do so for my spiritual needs," he said.

Well, I mean, sure, he didn't find it necessary to be baptized in the Arizona Baptist church, but it's not like the Baptists view Baptism as important, right?

Now, far be it from me to tell John McCain how to order his spiritual life, but as Steve Benen notes, this is all too conveniently timed:
McCain told the AP that he became a Baptist years ago, but as recently as June (three months ago), McClatchy reported, “McCain still calls himself an Episcopalian.”

Indeed, every congressional directory I’ve seen — and I have quite a few collected over the last decade or so — all identify McCain as an Episcopalian. The senator’s office apparently never sought a correction for future editions, because they all say the same thing.

There's nothing wrong with being a Baptist, if that's where McCain's heart takes him on his spiritual journey. But there's quite a bit wrong with switching religions in order to curry favor with voters. I don't know if that's what McCain is doing here, but it sure is strange that he's had a spiritual transformation just in time to campaign in South Carolina, a heavily Baptist state. We'll know something's up if McCain becomes Mormon just in time to campaign in Utah.

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