For America, the stakes couldn't be ... uh, hold on, I have to take this call

It's getting increasingly difficult to read about national politics in the U.S. and not come to the conclusion that full-blown anarchy sounds more and more appealing. Sure, it will be hard to find anyone to take out the trash, but that stink would likely be less than the stink that currently permeates Washington.

Just one look at the current Presidential campaign is enough to make one wish for a government-less society. While the public overwhelmingly wants the U.S. to stop occupying Irag and not take over any new countries, the candidates are busily paying homage to the industrial military complex and neocon dream machine by amping up their war rhetoric and talking about staying in Iraq through their terms. Even more, the Democratic party is making no effort to protect the civil liberties of the public from a Republican party that has proven itself to be little more than a front for an authoritarian regime.

It's frustrating, to say the least. And sure, maybe I'm coming off as a touch radical here, but let me just say ...

Um, hold on. Got a call I have to take.

Honey! How are you? I miss you, too. Yes I love you very much. Ooh yes I do. I'm just a little busy right now with a blog post. Is everything ok? Great? What? Yeah, maybe they think I'm a little radical, but, hey, I'm the guy who wrote "The Swiftboating of Jesus H. Christ: A look back," right? Remember that? How brave I was? Yeah, I am something, aren't I? Ok, I have to run. I'm writing a blog post, remember? Yes, I love you. Oooh yes I do. Vewwy much. I'll see you tonight. Be safe.

Wow, that was embarrassing and unplanned. What can you do, though. Blogging is a big commitment, but my wife is a priority. I'm sure you understand. Anyway, this next election cycle is very likely the most important many of us will ever live through. The stakes couldn't be higher. But in the end, will it really even matter who wins? Because ...

Crap, hold on.

Mom, how are you? Yeah, I'm good. Just writing a blog post to these fine, upstanding folks. ... Yeah, I know Dad wouldn't like it. Well, maybe someday I can convince him to see the light. Yeah, I know he didn't much like the post "To Save America We Need the Black Death." I know. But lots of other people seemed to like it, and honestly, I'm pretty sure it saved lives. I stood tall and proud. Yeah. Yeah. Ok. I will. Yeah. Ok, Mom, I gotta run. Writing a blog post and all. I love you, too. I'll call this weekend. Bye bye. Love you.

Again, I'm really sorry. But, you know, that was my Mom, and who can turn down a phone call from their mom? Yeah, I know, it's sappy, but really, that's who I am. Just a normal guy who loves his wife and Mom. Let's see if we can get back to the point.

This next election cycle is very likely.... Oh, I covered that? Sec ... Ok, here we go. ...

In the end, however, is anyone else catching on to the idea that having just a two-party system is for the birds? The fascist, fascist birds? We are a nation in need of change. Big change I tell you. Now, your knee-jerk reaction will be to call me a radical, but lets think this through - are we willing to make the changes needed so that we can be the country our founders wanted us to be. Are we willing to fight ...

Sec. Phone again.

"Afonso! What's up dog? ..."


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