When GB Met GB

I keep forgetting to write something about George Bush's first meet-and-greet with new British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the subsequent press conference. It was the usual dreadfully predictable rubbish as they each gave a prepared statement, with Bush droning on about being partners in an "ideological struggle" and noting his appreciation for "the British commitment in Afghanistan and Iraq" and patronizingly thanking Brown for his "strong commitment to press forward on working together," and Brown standing there being an obedient lapdog barking about what "a great honor" it is to meet with Bush and "to affirm and to celebrate the historic partnership of shared purpose between our two countries." And then came the Q&A.

Right out of the box, Bush starts behaving like a dipshit, laughing like a brain-addled monkey. Then they get through answering one question, until Bush runs out of steam and out of nowhere launches into a ridiculous exchange (at 4 minutes into this video) about it being one of the reporter's birthdays, noting: "Here you are at—amazing country, Gordon. A guy—guys under 40 years old asking me and you questions. It's—it's a beautiful sight," and telling Brown he "must be feeling damn old" after the prime minister reveals that six members of his cabinet are under 40. It's a total time-waster, indicative of the evident disinterest Bush has in doing his damn job anymore, that served to do nothing but expose (once again) that Bush is a dope, a bully, an elitist, and a total prat.

But the worst was yet to come, as Bush launched into some hilarious "jokes" about the British.

Like this gem:

Q: Mr President, what you think has actually changed with the arrival of Gordon Brown instead of Tony Blair.

Bush: (Chuckles.) Besides toothpaste.

Brown: Tooth- -- (chuckles)
Oy. He then rambles a bunch of bullshit about America's and Britain's shared values and common interests and how "there's no doubt in [his] mind that freedom is universal" (?!), by which point he had completely forgotten the question and had to be reminded, and apparently figured it was time to get some laughs with Scottish stereotypes (starts at 3 minutes into the video):

Bush: He's a Scotsman, you know, kind of a -- (laughter) -- not the dour Scotsman that you described him or the awkward Scotsman; he's actually the humorous Scotsman, a guy that -- we actually were able to relax and to share some thoughts.
Brown then explains from whence Bush's "understanding of Scotland" comes:

Brown: I think your understanding, if I may say so, of Scotland was enhanced by the fact that you went to Scotland, you told me, at the age of 14 and had to sit through a very long Presbyterian Church service -- (laughter) -- in which you didn't understand a word of what the minister was actually saying.

Bush: (Laughter.)
Jebus, what a wanker. I mean, is it really so much to ask that our president not be a xenophobic fuckwit?

But at least the whole thing ended on a high note:

Bush: Glad you all are here. You better cover up your bald head. It's getting hot out.
I recommend watching the last minute or so of that video as the two of them walk away, too. It's absolutely stunning what a child he is, as he mugs for the camera over his shoulder.

528 days to go…

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