Iraq: Operation My-God-Is-Better-Than-Yours

You would think that after being caught cross-handed in an evangelical fundraising video, the folks at the Pentagon would give some thought to not having anything further to do with the church. Not bloody likely:
Last week, after an investigation spurred by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, the Pentagon abruptly announced that it would not be delivering "freedom packages" to our soldiers in Iraq, as it had originally intended.

What were the packages to contain? Not body armor or home-baked cookies. Rather, they held Bibles, proselytizing material in English and Arabic and the apocalyptic computer game "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" (derived from the series of post-Rapture novels), in which "soldiers for Christ" hunt down enemies who look suspiciously like U.N. peacekeepers.
This shit is getting more insane as time goes on. We have men and women out in the desert who are dying for no reason whatsoever, and the best the Pentagon can do is get Stephen Baldwin's group to send over materials to try to help the occupied population embrace Jeebus and play apocalyptic video games. Freedom package, my arse.

I love how these fundies simply don't know what to do with themselves when other people's beliefs differ from their own. I rejoice in the fact that it really bugs the shit out of them, so much so that they need to find a way to win. What I love the most is how Michael Weinstein will always be there to call them on the carpet.

Normally, I would be thinking of contacting Congress to introduce some obvious, yet necessary, legislation to prohibit evangelizing within, and on behalf of, the Department of Defense. Then again, maybe I'll mull that over.

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