Craig Being Pushed to Resign by RNC

So, I'm reading about how the RNC is essentially pushing Larry Craig into a corner where he has to resign, and I have to say I'm just utterly disgusted by it—because this is the same RNC who sucks Bush's cock like there's Fountain of Youth Juice coming out of it, even though he once pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor DUI and his veep Cheney was convicted twice of drunk driving. And, ya know, that's just the relevant legal shit, which is to say nothing of the litany of fucktastrophes they've levied upon the nation and the global community. Fuck up an entire other country and let an American city drown? No problem. But plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of interference with privacy and the full weight of the GOP bears down on you like Zeus with an axe to grind.

Particularly considering that there are legitimate questions to be asked about Craig's arrest and the police policies which led to it, not to mention their indifference regarding Senator David Vitter's own private ongoing hookergate, the GOP's decision to go hardcore after Craig is rather stunning.

I totally second what Kevin Hayden says here:

Let me state that I emphatically reject the puritanical squeamishness driving the calls for Craig’s resignation. I disagree with his legislative issue positions. His hypocrisy sucks. His denials don’t sound convincing. And public bathrooms lack the type of ambience I’d prefer for my own liaisons.

All that could lower his chances for re-election. Which could convince him not to run again. That’s okay; I consider that democracy, working as it should.

…I don’t believe minor misdemeanor violations should cause automatic disqualifications to public service in the Senate. If public censure convinces him not to run again, that’s his decision, ultimately. But the moral posturing by his Republican peers is itself more objectionable than anything Larry did. After all, we have a president that fucked our Constitution, lied about the intelligence, promoted torture and its twin, extraordinary rendition. And hundreds of thousands have died, needlessly.

That the same Senators disgusted by Larry’s leer find no moral objection to actions I consider crimes against humanity is an indicator of badly skewed morality.
Or, one might suggest, a total lack of any recognizably consistent morality at all.

UPDATE: Related (and recommended) reading from Tom Watson.

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