Jumpin' for Jesus

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: The best way to praise God after you've been hung from trees and beaten by your parents, lost five of your siblings on a boat trip across the Pacific, been attacked by pirates, sent to Boat People's Camp, and adopted into a good Christian home where all traces of your heathen "Oriental" heritage are erased, is to jump rope.

Finally someone has listened to me.

Via. Thanks for Angelos for passing it on.

Transcript of Teh Nice Lady's introduction of the Chapman Brothers:

"You know, boys and girls, sometimes we think that things that happen in this country don't happen all over the world, but because of sin, they do. There's a word that we all know about: It's called child abuse. Now, child abuse means that you discipline your child unfairly. You know, the word of god says if you spare the rod, you'll spoil the child. You should spank your children. Children should be spanked so that they learn to obey. But to beat them is abuse, and it's wrong.

"And these children, when they were in Vietnam, their parents hung them from their wrists from trees and beat them. And they were very much abused by their family.

"There were 17 children in all in this family, and they made it on a boat to America. Twelve of them made it. The pirates came on the boat, and all they had was some gold, and so one of the girls stuck the gold ring under her tongue, and the pirates didn't get it. And when they got to the West Coast, they were able to use the gold and cash it in and go to a place where a lot of these boat people live in Texas.

"And my friend had a vision, and she saw these Oriental children coming to her, and she went to the camp, and she found out they needed a home and needed to be taken in, and she took them into her Christian home and adopted them, and these boys now jump rope for the glory of god to Christian music.

"Watch now as you see the Chapman Brothers do their jump rope routine to We Will Give Him Glory."

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