We're All Gonna Live Forever

Hey there, fellow Shakers. SpaceCowboy here, with the announcement of a Shaker Group Project!

The idea came to me yesterday, after a couple of events. First, was a conversation I'd had with Shakes about the need—my need, her need, and probably a need lots of you have, too—to balance the heavy, hardcore political stuff, especially as it relates to the Bush administration, with more humorous topics (like a true moment of zen, a muffin joke, or a crotch-watch).

For me, it has been difficult to hold onto that negativity for such a long time. Believe me, we've had plenty of reasons to be pissed off. I mean, what number scandal-without-a-consequence are we on right now? I lost count. Between that, everything W, and a vicious attack on our own Shakes, it's been pretty rough for us as a community. Hence the need to laugh and refuel ourselves.

Then, yesterday, when Shakes posted about a study pointing to humor as a longevity booster, accompanied by some visual proof that Shakes is an evil mad scientist, it got me thinking... thinking that I would've gotten away with it if it hadn't been for those.. never mind. I thought it would be cool if all of us Shakers were to submit our own smiling/grinning/laughing photos to create something of a Shaker Mosaic. Something positive we could all share and help us refuel, not to mention show off who's gonna live longer than anyone else, bitchez.

All you have to do is e-mail a happy photo to Shakes, and she'll quilt them all together into a masterpiece. She won't label who's who in the pictures, so your anonymity will be protected. When the mosaic is posted, people who want to identify themselves can, and the rest of us will have fun guessing who's who.

So, start sending in those photos. It's time we see who all of our smiling Shakers are!

We're gonna live forever

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