The War On...Something

Australian Detainee at Guantanamo Pleads Guilty, Goes Home: "David Hicks, an Australian al-Qaeda trainee who has become by fluke and design one of the best known of the 385 detainees here [at Guantanamo Bay], became the first detainee to plead guilty to providing material support to a terrorist organization. It was the military [commission's] equivalent of a plea bargain. On Tuesday an Australian official said that as part of the deal Mr. Hicks would serve “a bit” more time in prison beyond the five years he has been here, but that he would be allowed to serve it in Australia."

So let me make sure I understand this: five years of being held in the ultra-secretive Guantanamo Bay detention camp for terrorists; hours of undergoing torture; scores of legal battles including three major losses (for the government) in the Supreme Court; the death of Habeas Corpus for detainees; millions of dollars spent securing and ultimately trying this guy; and the first person to be convicted in the kangaroo military commissions, which were designed to "try the most dangerous terrorists in the world" and which the Bush administration fought to the death over "having the right" to engage in, cops a plea and...DUDE GETS TO GO HOME?

I've got nothing better than WTF at this point.

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