Hazy Shade of Winter

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Lots of people may find it interesting Karl Rove's memory is hazy on the details. He might have passed along complaints about United States attorneys to Alberto Gonzales. "He doesn't exactly recall," said White House spokesperson Dana Perino.
"Lots of people at the White House gets lots of complaints about lots of different people on a multitude of subjects," she said. "The procedure is to listen and take the appropriate action to notify the relevant agency."

Perino said Rove told her that he did not suggest any of the eight U.S. attorneys be forced to resign.

Lots of people do lots of things in the White House. Karl Rove historically has done one thing in the us against the world White House.

Plus the horror, the horror: Chief of staff to Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty horrified fired attorney thought there was a message in what he said to fired attorney Bud Cummins of Little Rock. "By no means did I have any message in mind," [Michael J.] Elston said. In the case of both Elston and Rove, lots of people should believe all of these phone calls are innocent. But lots of people might ask why these particular people are making such phone calls at all.

A hazy shade of winter? Lots of people will wonder why memory again gets hazy in the White House when investigations become clear. As the sun shines longer in the day and summer approaches, there may not be enough sunscreen in the world to keep Rove from getting burnt this time.

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