The Extreme Silliness of the Silliest Subject of the Silly Season

The Silliest Subject, in case you're just tuning into this Silly Season, is Matching Parts Voting. Waveflux and I, having Matching Parts—respectively: he, skin; I, ovaries—to the two candidates bringing whole new parts to the Silly Season this year, have had a bit of fun discussing this phenomenon. And if there are any journos, pundits, or advisors reading who are curious whether it's offensive to assume that Matching Parts guarantees a vote, I've got several snarktastic email exchanges between Wave and I which I'd be happy to share.

Or, you could just read Wave's brilliantly titled post Obama's skin causes IQs to drop sharply, wankery to rise, and my note here in its comment thread: "And you know I'll be voting for Hillary, just because we both have vaginas! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!"

I guess the best you can do when so many people assume seeing Matching Parts makes (white?) women and black people (how do black women choose?!) lose all capacity for rational, critical thought, is laugh. And laugh I did as I grabbed this screen capture off Memeorandum earlier: America is giving Obama a cool reception, while African-American voters throw their support in his direction? Hmm. For being such a mindless monolith, black America sure is complicated!

The problem now, you see, is that the media was saying for so long that Obama wasn't authentically black enough to explain why he wasn't as popular as Hillary with black voters, so now that he's gaining traction, it will look like all kinds of silliness as various news organizations get up to speed with the new meme at different times and try to explain why he's now, apparently, authentically black enough. It couldn't possibly be that Obama, first-term junior senator from Illinois, was simply an unknown quantity to most of America, and, as he becomes better known, more Americans of all races will embrace him. (How could they not?—he's so clean and articulate, right, Joe?) Honestly, the silliness is almost as astounding as the insult of treating entire demographic blocks like half-witted Pavlov's dogs who think they'll get a magical treat if they pull the lever for Matched Parts.

Jill notes that the trend appears to be "the longer Hillary's campaign goes on and the more arrogantly it behaves, the less people like her." Seems like there might be something to that—except my vagina keeps insisting she's The One…

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