Someone Call Tony Snow

He might need another example of how racism is still a pretty big fucking deal in this country, contrary to his beliefs.

I will simply leave you with your Jaw-Dropper of the Week, brought to you by genuine crazy person Michael Savage.
On the January 15 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, in a monologue about Martin Luther King Day, Michael Savage called "civil rights" a "con" and asserted: "It's a racket that is used to exploit primarily heterosexual, Christian, white males' birthright and steal from them what is their birthright and give it to people who didn't qualify for it." Savage then said, "Take a guess out of whose hide all of these rights are coming. ... [T]here is only one group that is targeted, and that group are white, heterosexual males." He added: "They are the new witches being hunted by the illiberal left using the guise of civil rights and fairness to women and whatnot."
Yes, you read that right. The "birthright" of those poor, oppressed, white, heterosexual males.

There is a very simple reason I don't just shrug and say, "Well, what do you expect? It's Michael Savage!"

This is a nationally syndicated radio program.

He has an estimated 8 million listeners.

The FCC, who have crawled all over Howard Stern, have never issued Savage a fine.

He continues to have sponsors.

I find that a little hard to shrug off.

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