Tom DeLay Starts a Blog

And quickly learns that unmoderated comments are not a good idea… Oof. Blue Meme provides the background:

You may have heard that former important person Tom DeLay has started a blog. You may have also heard that said blog allowed unmoderated comments—briefly.

The comments were purged, of course. Folks like DeLay are not exactly down with the reality of democracy in such unadulterated form. But a savvy blogger managed to snag and copy the comments before they followed DeLay's career into the ozone.
One hundred and eleven unmoderated comments were posted and quickly archived saved by quick-thinking blogger James Risser.

What a magnificently, terrifically boring and irrelevant blog. Honestly, who on earth cares what you have to say?

December 10, 2006 Unregistered Commenter Miles Coverdale


You left Congress disgracefully and you want people to take you seriously? You should be in prison you assclown, piss off Tom.

December 10, 2006 Unregistered Commenter Tom you suck


WoW! America's poster-child for white entitlement, greed, authoritarianism and the exploitation religion for corporate interests finally has a blog! The intertubz are finally complete...

December 10, 2006 Unregistered Commenter raoul duke


I like to smother myself in tapioca pudding and play the bongos in front of the fireplace. Looking for S/W/M who shares same interests.

December 10, 2006 Unregistered Commenter Tom Delay
Heh. There's more, oh so much more, at the link. (Warning: There are a lot of homophobic jokes, usually involving Jack Abramoff.) The best laughs of all, however, may be found at DeLay's actual blog, where in his first 8 posts, he has fawningly eulogized Jeane Kirkpatrick (while repeatedly spelling her name wrong), praised Michelle Malkin, and moaned, "It is a regrettable fact of the current American political age that too many Republicans have failed to continue an aggressive fight for the principles which bring us together as Republicans and as conservatives." Wow.


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