Rape for Sale

The online virtual game Second Life has a swell feature that allows players to purchase a rape:

Gawker: "What's the fun of enjoying your second life in Second Life without a little ultraviolence? ... We're not as conversant with SL's moral conventions as your average nerd, but it surprises even our jaded souls that you can indulge in rape fantasies (options: 'Rape victim,' 'Get raped,' or 'Hold victim') for a trifling 220 Linden dollar things. Nice that the purchase takes place in an evocative back alley, with the actual rape set in some kind of red cobblestone gimp-dungeon."

Ann at Feministing has more, and points to a review of a game calle RapeLay, which actually made my stomach churn and eyes water as I read the description of the game. [Warning: Graphic content ahead.]

When you first play through RapeLay, each girl is presented one at a time in a three-scene series. During the first scene, the unsuspecting target waits in front of the train station. For a train. At this point, you — the deranged gamer pretending to be a rapist — have two choices.

Option One: Stare at the girl with creepy narrow stalker eyes.

Option Two: Exercise shamanistic Peruvian powers to summon a gust of wind. Instead of defending the world from diabolical cultists, you use this ability to blow women's skirts up, revealing their pretty white panties.

Now begins the heavy petting drama.

Once aboard the train, you'll engage in a "groping" scene. Basically, you control a disembodied hand with the mouse. You can fondle, pat, or stroke the poor girl to your heartless soul's content — even when she gets fed up and swats the hand away, she can't ever escape from the most intangible villain since Lucifer Alpha. She just looks really, really uncomfortable.

"Who... who's there?" Yuuko is unable to locate her assailant, even though there are only four or five people on the train. The other girls aren't any smarter. If they scowl when you jiggle their breasts, just move your hand and massage their snatch. Maybe your arms are invisible, like in Elfen Lied. Maybe the girls are just stupid. Either way, you have to fondle the women as their Horniness Meter slowly, slowly, slowly creeps its way up to the limit.

…After several painfully tedious minutes, the poor girl runs away in fright, presumably to tattle to the police, a neighbor, or a Junker. Unfortunately, all three women choose to run somewhere secluded where it's easy to pin them down, tear off their clothes, and anally rape them. There are other options too, such as coerced blowjobs, but none of them are consensual. It all boils down to raping women and jizzing into or across their bodies.

"Sniff... sniff... I w-w-want to die..."

That's the kind of dialogue you'll hear after each rape. Then you'll either snap some quick photographs of their buttered bodies or rape them again to shut them up. RapeLay contains a lot of rape.

…[T]he remainder of the game focuses on transforming each hot little number into a devoted sex slave. You do this by raping them some more. As the girls predictably learn to enjoy being raped, you'll unlock the ability to watch some hot lesbian action or engage in threesomes, foursomes, or gang-bangs with creepy Taneo Tanamatsuri look-alikes. RapeLay even keeps track of how many times you cum inside each girl…

All of this is controlled with the mouse through an intuitive "click and drag" interface, which leaves your other hand free to masturbate while watching graphic scenes of rape.
I'm not a person who's scared of the world. I've lived on my own for years in a city; I've traveled internationally by myself; I'm not a particularly nervous or easily frightened person. But I swear when I read about shit like this, and think about how there are people who play this game, and enjoy it, for about 5 minutes I feel like just locking myself in my bedroom and never emerging again.

Then I remember I was raped in my bedroom, and I'm back to tears in a bucket; motherfuckit again. Onwards and shit.

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