Question of the Day

What would your teenaged self have thought of your current self? Would it have been proud, disgusted, amazed...?

The Me way back then, though similar in disposition, and with a familiar set of strengths and weaknesses, had very different ambitions and goals than the Me now. But I think he'd be reasonably happy with how things turned out. It's certainly been interesting: emigrating to another country (in order to get married, no less!), several career changes (more than I probably would have liked), new friendships formed and old -- hitherto unshakable -- ones fallen by the wayside, a reasonably untarnished conscience and some sense of self worth. Not too bad, for a decade. Interestingly, the areas in which he may have judged me poorly are no longer as important to me as they once were. Academic success eluded me, as did the stellar career I thought was my right, but these things no longer mean what they once did. My ambitions have taken on a more personal aspect, are narrower in focus and are concentrated upon those who are dear to me and the collection of hobbies and interests that have grown in significance as the years have passed. As I age, the pressures of conformity fade away, and my ambitions are more my own (a modicum of self preservation, aside).

So all in all, I think the teenaged Me would be content. The young whippersnapper might even learn a thing or two.

Shakes says: "The teenaged Me would probably think I'm pretty cool. She'd love the blog, love Mr. Shakes, be completely unsurprised Mr. Furious and I are still friends, and think it's totally awesome! that I'm still obsessed with Mozza. She'd find my friends fascinating, be thrilled with the traveling and study and work I've done, and be relieved I haven't had kids. She'd probably also wonder why the hell I was living in Indiana (a question the current Me asks with regularity, too). Also, she'd be like, 'Nice arse, fatty,' and I'd be like, 'I know, right?' And I think she'd be both relieved and impressed that the current Me is happy in life and with herself."

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