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My job: By George W. Bush
It's my job to listen to a lot of opinions and come up with a strategy that says we have a plan.

The strategy that says we have a plan means we don't have a timetable to pull troops out. But there will be a plan to put some troops back in and then pull them out when the mission is done. The surge is the new way forward. This surge will meet the insurgents Rumsfeld and the rest wouln't even admit existed a year ago. Hindsight may be 20/20, but the White House remains blind to certain truths.

No matter. Facts are irrelevant here. It doesn't matter that General Abazaid has already said more troops won't accomplish the task. We're going to win. There's a plan for a strategy. Or a strategy for a plan. The good news for Bush is al Qaeda and the Sunnis will will rise to attack, which will confirm Bush's wisdom. What wasn't there in Iraq before will be more there now. The coming attacks will kill more Americans, which will even more affirm Bush's essential stupidity. If you want a recipe for disaster, add more jihadis to the sectarian violence mix. And what a mix that is.
"No single narrative is sufficient to explain all the violence we see in Iraq today," Gen. Michael V. Hayden, the CIA director, told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday.

Attempting to describe the enemy, Lt. Gen. Michael D. Maples, the DIA director, listed "Iraqi nationalists, ex-Baathists, former military, angry Sunni, Jihadists, foreign fighters and al-Qaeda," who create an "overlapping, complex and multi-polar Sunni insurgent and terrorist environment." He added that "Shia militias and Shia militants, some Kurdish pesh merga, and extensive criminal activity further contribute to violence, instability and insecurity."

When the surge arrives in Baghdad, the Shiite militias will be nowhere to be seen, fading away, fish in a further sea. Baghdad may end up a bigger Falujah. We will destroy Iraq to save it. In doing so we will save Bush's ego. The Joint Chiefs of Staff have expressed "unanimous disagreement."
. . . the announcement of a time frame and mission -- such as for six months to try to secure volatile Baghdad -- could play to armed factions by allowing them to game out the new U.S. strategy, the chiefs have warned the White House.

Could it be any dumber? That's a strategy that says we have a plan. A plan for disaster. On top of the current disaster. Whatever happened to those "generals on the ground" Bush listens to, who make decisions on troop levels? The Decider is now the Redecider. The job he has done is one big job on us. Reason limps behind as delusion jumps yet higher.

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