Jesus v. Allah

In the "Invoke My Name to Discriminate" contest, there's a clear winner…

Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog takes a look at two recent news stories about discrimination against members of the LGBT community. In the first, a transgendered woman in Minneapolis is having a hard time getting a taxi, because Muslim drivers are refusing her business based on her being transgendered. In the second, a gay couple was refused service by a landscaping company, because they "choose not to work for homosexuals."

Steve's noticed a curious disparity in conservatives' reactions to the two stories.

All sorts of right-wingers—Daniel Pipes, the folks at Free Republic, the folks at Little Green Footballs—came to the transgendered person's defense. But when the gay couple spread the word to friends and acquaintances about the Garden Guy and recommended taking gardening business elsewhere (and some people suggested it might be illegal discrimination), why, right-wingers were incensed!

...So, if Allah tells Muslim cabbies that transgendered people are icky, that's bad. But if Jesus tells the Garden Guy that two gay homeowners are icky, that's wonderful. And even telling gay friends that the Garden Guy hates their sex life is jackbooted thuggery and makes the Baby Jesus cry.

Do I have it figured out now?
Pretty much.

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