Children: Worse than Plague Rats?

The wee Mess O' Bodily Functions gave me a cold. It's called "sharing."

Oh, here's a question: she was all clammy and gross this morning from sleeping while sick, so I gave her a bath in her little plastic tub. She splashed and it was very cute. Afterwards, while we were in her room, her father went into the bathroom and came out with the tub, still full of bath water. And he took it...somewhere. I didn't want to follow him because that would be weird. What do you think he did with it? He is, by the way, a...quirky person. He has this mortal fear of throwing anything away, as though he grew up during the Depression. He's from Ireland, so maybe it's an Irish thing? Anyway, he won't throw out mail, so there are stacks and stacks and stacks of envelopes and coupon sheets on every available surface. His wife has warned me not to eat the ice cream in the freezer because some of it is years old. And (ew) he doesn't think that you have to change a wet diaper until it's fully saturated and weighs about four pounds. So my question is: what do pathological wastephobes do with bath water? Feed it to the dog? Use it to compost?

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