Fuck Your Way to Tolerance

Well, this is certainly a new twist on the Women-Are-Just-Sirens-Who-Distract-Men-From-Their-Real-Pursuits meme:

A Russian mayor has called for prostitution to be made legal in a bid to wipe out a rising tide of extremism.

Igor Shpektor, mayor of Vorkuta, said it would give men another way to spend their time rather than getting involved in racist attacks.

He said: "Legalising prostitution would give men an opportunity within the law to address their emotions sexually with a provided service rather than expressing them in the form of xenophobia and extremism."

And he added: "All the women providing the service would of course receive full state protection and a full pension."

Russia has recently seen a sharp rise in violent crimes committed by racist extremists.
A woman’s work is never done. Clean the house, rear the children, use their vaginas as hypnotic distraction to deter men from violence.

I’ll leave you to discuss the many curious aspects of this proposal in comments, although I will note that I find myself torn between identifying as naively hopeful and utterly foolish the notion that miscreants who beat the crap out of people just because they look different are likely to substitute sex for such indecent behavior—not to mention that they’d miraculously use sex with a paid partner as a healthy expression of emotion. Yeah, because prostitutes never get knocked around by assholes.

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