We Live In a Nation of Dummies

Thirty percent of Americans can’t name the year that 9/11 happened.




Of that group, six percent gave an earlier year, eight percent gave a later year, and 16 percent admitted they had no idea whatsoever.

This memory black hole is essentially the problem of the older crowd: 48 percent of those who did not know were between the ages of 55 and 64, and 47 percent were older than 65, according to the poll.
Let me guess—it’s the same boobs who voted for Bush, a man who has uttered the term “9/11” more than I’ve said the word “fuck,” which is really fucking saying something, but still the date that “changed everything” hasn’t managed to stick in their idiot heads.

And before anyone starts going on about old people and dodgy memory, let me introduce you to Exhibit A: Grumpy Old Man, who’s got more going on than I could ever hope to have! Maybe I needs to get me some Spanish wine…

Exhibits B-Wev: President Bush and his entire stinking cabinet and most of Congress. Senility seems a paltry excuse considering our country’s mostly being run by people of this demographic, who, while largely incompetent, ignorant, and dim-witted, are not senile.

Meanwhile, 95% of Americans can name on what day and month 9/11 happened—which means there are 5% of Americans who can’t tell you the day or month that an attack most commonly referred to as “September Eleventh” took place.

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