Hurricane Katherine

The first disgruntled ex-staffer to market a tell-all book on the Category 5 disaster known as the Katherine Harris campaign will end up rich, rich, rich. Richer than Croesus, wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice. And it still won't be adequate compensation for having had to work for the Senate candidate they call the Hurricane.

The former aides said their differences with her were over personality, not politics. Several said they continued working for her, despite the way she treated them, because they believed in her mission.

"I have never in my life worked for somebody like her — ever — and hopefully I'll never have to again," James Dornan [Harris' first campaign manager] said.

Jamie Miller, Harris' second campaign manager, who quit in April, said, "It's almost like she won't allow herself to be successful with someone else helping her.

"Any time it's not about her, she makes it about her."


Dornan recalled another incident when Harris arrived at a major rally after most of the guests instead of being there to greet them as they arrived.

"She went ballistic," he said. "She told me I'd ruined her life," and screamed and cried in frustration. "It was a performance that will go down in history."

Harris micromanaged every aspect of the campaign, campaign managers and staffers said. Dornan recalled that after he'd shown Harris the campaign's headquarters, she gave him a diagram the next day showing where every staff person's desk should be located.

"I was just flabbergasted that a candidate of this magnitude was digging this deep into the minutia of the campaign," Dornan said.

I'm making room on my bookshelf right now.

(Hat tip to Ron Davis. Cross-posted back at the shack.)

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