Grab Yer Ankles, America

Because here it comes, without a reacharound:

Alaskan Pipeline Closure May Fuel Motorists' Ire

"May." How cheerfully optimistic. And nothing like a headline pun for a story this serious.
The Bay Area will not face an oil shortage, but gas prices may jump in the weeks to come following a shutdown of Alaska oil supplies, experts said Monday.

London-based BP Amoco PLC, the world's second-largest oil supplier, is shutting down half of its production on Alaska's North Slope to repair rusted, leaking pipes. As a result, BP said, output will be reduced by 400,000 barrels a day, close to 8 percent of U.S. production.

The disruption should not immediately reduce the supply of gasoline from California refineries, state energy officials said. California gets about one-fifth of its oil from Alaska.

But oil prices already have risen, jumping more than $2 a barrel to almost $77 a barrel, on Monday.
For the record, on September 11, 2001, oil prices were $19 a barrel.
Local energy mavens urged consumers not to top off their tanks out of panic.

"There's two ways to react to this news: You can be part of the problem or part of the solution," said Sean Comey of AAA of Northern California.

"If you run out and start topping off your tank, it could create an artificial surge in demand, which would drive up prices," he said.

Instead, consumers should make an effort to conserve fuel by telecommuting, taking mass transportation and carpooling to work, Comey said.

"This would relieve pressure on the system and help keep prices stable," Comey said.
Yeah, I'm sure your average American will get right on that. When your big gas saving measure is to buy a Hummer H3 instead of a Hummer H2, I don't see too many people carpooling or hopping on a bus.

And, of course, nothing from anyone in Washington calling for more responsible energy policy, or new, renewable energy sources.

Having all of our eggs in one basket works so well, doesn't it?

(Come on baby, light my cross-post...)

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