For The Record...

Wingnuts, take note:

1. No one is suggesting that Bush and/or Blair somehow planned or masterminded the foiled terrorist plot.

2. Being angry that this plot was known about for several days, and extra safety steps were not taken in the U.S., is not a conspiracy theory. (Shakespeare's Sister: "Nor is considering the fact that their actions are a possible indication that this plot wasn't as potentially devastating as they're making it out to be.") It is perfectly understandable that the plot was not "announced" because they didn't want to "tip their hand." Fine. Just don't wait until after the attempt to start banning liquids and being more strict in safety measures.

3. It is not a conspiracy theory to suggest that opportunistic Republicans will now use this foiled plot to label Democrats "weak on terrorism," and to scare Americans into voting Republican. They've done it before, you know it and we know it.

Don't accuse us of conspiracy theories that don't exist.

(Only you can prevent cross-posts.)

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