who's your (grand)daddy?

Ya think maybe ol' Norm was asking when he was busted for gettin' it on in a car? And when I say "ol'" I mean old: Norm is 81. His car was a-rockin' with his 38 year-old partner when the police came a-knockin'. Amusing twist? Norm is Norman Coleman, father of the junior senator (R) from MN, Norman Coleman Jr.

Norm Coleman Sr., the father of Minnesota's junior senator, was cited for lewd and disorderly conduct Tuesday after police officers reported finding him engaged in a sex act in a car near a pizzeria on E. 7th St. in St. Paul.

A police report said officers were called to Savoy Inn about 6:30 p.m to investigate a report that two people were having sex in a car. The police report stated a woman, Patrizia Marie Schrag, 38, also was cited for lewd and disorderly conduct.

Sad but unsurprising twist?

Sen. Coleman issued a statement after learning of the citation against his father.

"I love my father dearly," the senator said. "I do not condone his actions or behavior, and I am deeply disturbed by what I have learned. He clearly has some issues that need to be dealt with, and I will encourage him to seek the necessary help."

Oh for fuck's sake. He was "seeking the necessary help" here, dude. His "issues" are that he needed some physical companionship/enjoyment. Just because he's old--and he's your dad (a lot of people seem to have an aversion to thinking of their parents as sexual creatures)--doesn't mean he Has Issues because he was doin' it in a car. He has needs, as any human being. I've looked around a bit and I don't see any mention (print or picture) of Norm's mother; I assume she is no longer living. If she is deceased, how completely cold to call out his father like that, publicly demeaning him with sinister insinuations of "having issues" when he's just an old guy--a human guy with human desires. What a jackass.

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