Welcome to America 2.0

Where supporting peace makes you a traitor:

Salem retiree Jim McCreary was stunned to find the word "traitor" spray-painted in black on both sides of his Toyota Corolla.

His rearview mirrors, headlights and taillights were broken, and his tires were flattened. About $300 in damage was done, McCreary said. He thinks it was because of two magnetic peace decals on his car.

One decal looked similar to the magnetic yellow ribbons that say "Support our Troops." McCreary's was blue and said "Support Peace." The other decal resembled a dove and said "Advocate Peace."

"I was shocked and upset," he said Wednesday before going to have the paint professionally removed. "It's supposed to be a free country."
In what I would imagine is a rather ironic twist, McCreary is a former Presbyterian seminarian who says that “his Christian faith has led him to his views about peace.”

(Hat tip to Stranger.)

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