Poor Angela Merkel

I’ve been looking through some of the images from Bush’s European Vacation, and I just feel so desperately sorry for German Chancellor Angela Merkel for having to put up with such an onslaught of absolute nonsense from Bush.

Arrival in Stralsund, July 13: Bush grabs her and plants a wet one on her.

She then has to stand over him like a school marm while he signs the golden book.

Later that day: Merkel forces a grin as Bush the Boob “demonstrates how to eat a Bismarck herring.”

Bush spends the rest of the day nattering about a pig, then goes at it while Merkel futilely struggles to retain some dignity befitting world leaders.

And then, to add injury to insult, she had to withstand today’s Gropefest at the G8.

After all that, I honestly think if I’d been in her position I would have hauled off and kicked him straight in the nuts today. This is only one of many reasons why I am not the Chancellor of Germany.

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