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CHICAGO - President Bush said Friday he is determined to rally world support in confronting North Korea over its missile tests to send a "loud and clear" message to the communist regime.
Uh, with so many countries leaving you behind or just plain disliking you, I don't think you're going to be the one doing the rallying here. Folks may just decide to, you know, do the right thing on their own, without the humiliation of appearing to follow the orders of a man-child. Of course, you are the loudest kid on the playground, so the whole thing might look like your idea... which is all Bush really needs, anyway. The appearance of leadership.

I love this:
He said North Korea was not like dealing with Iraq. There, he asserted, he decided to launch the 2003 invasion after exhausting diplomatic options.
Yep, that diplomatic stuff was exhausted. Bush had no choice but to invade... War was the last thing on his mind.
"You know, the problem with diplomacy is it takes a while to get something done" while "acting alone, you can move quickly," Bush said.
Oh, for chrissakes. Yeah, you also don't have anyone telling you that you're a dumbfuck and might be making a colossal, deadly mistake, right? When, oh when, will the rest of the world just realize that The Decider could make everything perfect if they'd just get the hell out of his way? It would be much easier, right?
In a rare out-of-town news conference, he also vowed to keep hunting for terror leader Osama bin Laden, a search that has been fruitless in the nearly five years since the Sept. 11 attacks.

"No ands, ifs or buts, my judgment is it's a matter of time unless we stop looking, and we're not going to stop looking as long as I'm president," Bush said.
*Cough* Look, Bush... you may be living in Fantasyland, but repeating the same bullshit that you've been spouting for years, that even the most rockheaded American knows isn't true, is not only infuriating, it's a complete waste of time.
The setting for Bush's rare out-of-town news conference was the rotunda of Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. He stood in front of a large photograph of Chicago skyscrapers. The setting underscored the lengths the White House went to to pose the president outside of Washington.

Bush gave a rambling 15 minute opening statement in which he talked about Chicago's vibrant economy, the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq.
See? Even the AP can't resist mentioning this.

Just. Shut. Up.

Oh, and stay the fuck out of my city.

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