Yeah, Great. How Topical of You.

The Limbaugh/Viagra thing is annoying me, for multiple reasons. It's not just the Clinton jokes that are so fucking old, they should be taken out back and shot like Old Yeller:
Limbaugh joked about the search on his radio show Tuesday, saying Customs officials didn't believe him when he said he got the pills at the Clinton Library and he was told they were blue M&Ms.
Ho, ho ho! As Stewie says, "...any 'Titanic' jokes you want to throw at me too, as long as we're hitting these phenomena at the height of their popularity?"

There's also this:
He later added, chuckling: "I had a great time in the Dominican Republic. Wish I could tell you about it."
As if this whole thing wasn't icky enough, he's got to up the "completely disgusting" ante by forcing us all to imagine him making the twin-backed beast. But here's the thing that really pisses me off:
Limbaugh's lawyer, Roy Black, said the prescription was written in his doctor's name "for privacy purposes." The conservative radio host was released without being charged and investigators confiscated the Viagra, which treats erectile dysfunction.
First off, I call "complete bullshit." You see, there's this little thing called HIPAA, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It's got this little Privacy Rule. Basically, it keeps all of your medical information between you and your health care provider. I worked at a pharmacy... if there was one thing that was hammered into our heads, it was that you do not compromise the privacy of a patient under HIPAA; you'll get spanked. Big time.

So, no one would know about Limbaugh's viagra other than his doctor, and his pharmacist. If he's really that paranoid that he's lying awake at night imagining his pharmacist snickering over his hardon pill, he's got problems that viagra and/or oxycontin aren't going to help. And if he's that worried about anyone finding out, why sneak it around in his luggage, where it's probably going to be found, and as we're all seeing, become national news, due to the fact that he's been busted for prescription fraud before?

He either did this intentionally, hoping it would give him a popularity boost, or he's really that fucking stupid, or he was just desperate to find another reason to drag out that stupid Clinton joke.

Oh, and one final thing: It was said during the oxycontin mess, but it bears repeating. If Limbaugh was just Joe Average, he wouldn't be on the radio after getting busted. Again.

And what the fuck was he doing running around the Dominican Republic with a three-hour hardon, anyway? I think you'd better reel in those Clinton jokes, Rush... Clinton's obviously not the only frisky boy at the table.

(All bolds mine. I apologize in advance for mentioning Rush with a hardon. The cross-post made me do it.)

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